What is the event about?

For the first time in Australia, Space Connect has created an awards program initiative that will showcase the nation’s best and brightest space businesses and professionals.

The Australian Space Awards is set to be biggest night in the Australian space industry calendar. Guests from all over Australia will converge at the sell-out, black tie event in Sydney to celebrate the achievements of the industry’s most successful professionals, businesses and associations.

Who can enter?

The awards are open to all businesses operating in Australia supporting the space industry, including telecommunications, satellite, energy, mining and transport sector as well as the defence, agriculture, disaster and water management industries.

The Australian Space Awards universally acknowledges all space industry stakeholders – from the major listed organisations and corporates servicing Australia’s space economy to SMEs, start-ups, academic institutions and associations.

Which industries are represented in the awards?


Do I have to be nominated for an award to enter?

You do not need to be nominated to enter the awards. A nomination is a kind gesture and a prompt for you to enter the program by a third party. Judges are not advised if you are nominated nor are scores affected. You are welcome to make a submission on your own accord.

How do I nominate someone for an award? Can it be anonymous?

You can nominate a colleague or friend through our event website. You will need to complete the online form and provide the email address and phone number of the nominee so that we can let them know of the nomination. This can be done anonymously.

What happens when I nominate someone?

When you nominate someone for an award, they will receive an email notifying them of the nomination. You can choose to be anonymous or to let them know of your nomination. The email will contain details about what they have been nominated for and the submission process, encouraging them to enter the awards. Note that a submission still needs to be made in order to be eligible for the award.

Can I make multiple nominations? Does it increase the chances of becoming a finalist?

You are welcome to make more than one nomination or to nominate multiple people. Making more than one nomination does not increase the chances of becoming a finalist. Finalist selection is based on the submission made by the nominee.

Does it cost anything to enter?

No, entering is free and we encourage you to join or nominate people in as many eligible categories as possible.

How do you enter?

To enter a submission for the Australian Space Awards, please click here. Create an account, answer the questions and attach any supporting document such as references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage, business metrics or third-party data that supports your nomination. Once all sections are complete, confirm and submit. Prompts are available throughout the portal to assist you. If you have any questions, please contact Sebastian Cruz at [email protected]

Why should I enter?

The Australian Space Awards will showcase the nation’s best and brightest space businesses and professionals, while helping to support business growth and attract the best talent to the industry.

The awards night is also an exciting opportunity to network and celebrate the top independently-minded professionals and firms across Australia.

Can I make a submission on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you are welcome to make your own submission or a submission on somebody’s else’s behalf. Please ensure that permission is granted before making a submission on somebody else’s behalf.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Please see the category criteria and eligibility on our website.

I have completed my submission but I want to add more information or attachments. Is it possible to edit my submission?

You can log in any time to amend or add to your submission until the submission closes.

If you have any problems here, please contact Sebastian Cruz at [email protected]

What type of supporting documents do I include with my submission?

Supporting documents can include references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage and financial or business metrics and/or statements and third-party independent data reports that support your submission. However, there are limits to the size of documents that can be uploaded. If you are having problems uploading a document, please let us know. Supporting documents are looked upon favorably by the judges, so consider their content, relevance and format.

When do submissions close?

The official deadline for close of submissions is 5:30pm on Friday, 17 January 2020. If you have problems meeting the time indicated, please contact Sebastian Cruz at [email protected]

Why do you want my photo?

Finalists may have their headshot displayed alongside their name on screen when they are announced at the event. We may also use headshots to announce finalists on our social media campaigns.

What will happen to my video?

A selection of videos will be compiled and screened at the awards evening. Your video may or may not be played. If you do not want your video to be played at the event, please advise us no later than COB 28 February 2020.

Although there is no official scoring for the videos, judges may consider the effort that has gone into making it if, for instance, they are weighing up scores against other submissions in your category.

Why do you want me to answer the question “What winning this award means to you”?

This answer will not be scored as part of your submission. Your answer will be used in place of the winner’s speech and will be displayed on the screen if you are announced as a winner.

What are the judges looking for? How do I make my submission stand out?

Answer the questions. Provide accurate and concise information. Make use of the available word count to draw upon examples to support your claims. Remember that judges often have a lot of submissions to consider so make it entertaining and informative. Supporting documents are also looked upon favorably as it strengthens your submission, provided that they are relevant to your submission. Judges do not want to spend a lot of time reviewing information that is not relevant to the questions or submission. Don’t be shy – contact your colleagues and clients for testimonials and references.

Can I get feedback on my submission if I don’t make it?

Although we would love to give everyone feedback on their submission, they are reviewed by multiple judges who are not always able to comment on each entry.

How does the judging process work?

A judging panel made up of highly respected industry professionals with a broad range of experiences will be chosen to examine the submissions. Judging is allocated to ensure that there will be no conflict of interest in each category. Each judge will be assigned a number of categories and will be asked to score each submission in those categories based on all documentation provided by award entrants. Several judges are assigned per category to ensure a range of expertise and opinions. The aggregate highest score will determine the winner of each award.

Who sees my submission?

All information is highly confidential and is only shared with the events team and the judges for that category. The information is not published and permissions would have to be sought if required.

When are finalists announced? How will I be notified?

Finalists will be announced during the week of 3 February.

An announcement will be sent out via email to all entrants and published on the website.

What are the chances of making it as a finalist?

This is impossible to answer. Follow the tips above to increase your chances. Some categories have very many entries and it’s a very difficult process determining finalists. We do limit the number of finalists so if you don’t make it, don’t be put off as you may have only just missed out. Remember that you do have to be “in it to win it”!

What happens if I make it as a finalist?

Getting the recognition that you deserve by winning an award or becoming a finalist can be a real boost to your business. Our events also provide a great opportunity to network with like-minded companies and individuals. You are provided with a finalist seal and certificate that you can display on your website or in your office. You are also provided with a press release to help you spread the word to your network.

Do I have to attend if I make it as a finalist?

You are encouraged to attend if you make it as a finalist. The event gives you an opportunity to be celebrated for (and to celebrate) your outstanding work in the field.

What do I receive if I win?

You will be invited on stage to receive a trophy and the answer to your statement “What winning this award means to you?” will be displayed on stage. You are not required to make a speech. You will also be provided with a winner’s seal that can be used on your email signature, LinkedIn, resume or website.

When is the event? Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets go on sale once finalists have been announced in January/February. You can buy tickets online or over the phone.

What do I get with my ticket?

A sumptuous three-course meal, beverages and entertainment from our MC.

Do I get a discount if I buy a table for 10?

There is a $200 (ex. GST) discount for tables of 10.

Who can I bring?

Bring whoever you would like! Please feel free to bring colleagues, friends and family to the event.

Is this an over-18 event only?

While the event allows minors, we are unable to give a discount to children and minors.

I have dietary requirements

We will be able to assist you with any dietary requirements as long as you notify us in advance to [email protected] Kosher meals will incur a fee.