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AusSpace24 Summit and Exhibition

Tuesday 28 - Wednesday 29 May, ICC Sydney, 8:00am registration

The Australian Space Summit and Exhibition is back for its third consecutive year, and it’s set to be bigger and more illuminating than ever before!

This extraordinary two-day event will feature two main stages, hosting over 70 speakers who will engage with an audience of more than 1,000 passionate space enthusiasts.

Join us as we bring together a remarkable line-up of local and international key opinion leaders who will take to the stage. Together, they’ll shed light on critical funding issues and unveil fresh opportunities for international collaboration that will fuel the growth of Australia’s space sector.

Our sessions will delve into discussions on how the space sector can become not just relevant but indispensable to everyday Australians and a driving force in the broader economy. Get ready to explore business opportunities, groundbreaking innovations, and real-world applications shaping the future.

Our audience represents the full spectrum of the space industry, from government and defence organisations to SMEs and major industry players. With enhanced networking opportunities, this diverse gathering is the perfect catalyst for unmatched cross-border collaboration.

Secure your place in space history!

Upcoming Event
AusSpace24 Awards

Tuesday, 28 May 2024, The Star, Sydney

Recognising the leading individuals and businesses driving the development of Australia’s space economy, the Australian Space Awards universally acknowledges all space industry stakeholders – from the major listed organisations and corporates servicing Australia’s space sector to SMEs, start-ups, academic institutions and associations driving innovation and accelerating the industry to new heights.

The awards are open to all businesses operating in Australia supporting the space industry, including launch, telecommunications, satellite, energy, mining and transport sectors, as well as the defence, agriculture, disaster and water management industries.

Upcoming Event
Defence & National Security Workforce Awards 2024

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 • Four Seasons, Sydney
Welcome reception: 6:30pm
Official start: 7:00pm AEST
Civilians: Black tie • Military: Mess dress

The inaugural Defence & National Security Workforce Awards has been designed to bring you an unparalleled awards program identifying the top businesses and professionals in our defence and national security workforce across the nation.

Recognising people and businesses rather than products and platforms, the Defence & National Security Workforce Awards universally acknowledge all defence and national security industry stakeholders – from aerospace, maritime, ESG, HR, and marketing and communications through to project management.

The awards are open to all businesses operating in Australia supporting the supply chain and have become a coveted accolade for organisations and professionals seeking to forge their role in the defence and national security industry.

Take the first step to being recognised at a national level and build a reputation for excellence.

Get ready to celebrate in style at the 2024 black-tie event that will bring together leaders to celebrate the achievements and excellence of the industry’s best and brightest.

Don’t miss your chance to win this coveted award and reap the benefits of a prestigious accolade.