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UK space supply chain tool scheduled for Avalon launch


A new space and supply chain mapping tool will be launched to coincide with the 2023 Australian International Airshow in March.

The space capability mapping tool is developed by the Satellite Applications Catapult, SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre, and the UK government.

The system is built within the existing UK Space Capabilities Catalogue, which showcases United Kingdom and Australian space sector capabilities at a glance.

Australian organisations offering space-related products, goods or services are encouraged to upload their company profile for review online or at the Avalon launch at the UK Pavilion from 9:15am on 1 March.


UK Space Agency chief executive officer Paul Bate said the mapping tool can identify areas for growth and opportunities for collaboration with their Australian colleagues.

“This mapping tool is another great example of the UK-Australia Space Bridge unlocking innovation, promoting the exchange of knowledge, and bolstering partnerships across the world,” he said.

“Together, we can catalyse investment and maximise the vast potential of our growing space sectors.”

UK High Commissioner to Australia, Vicki Treadell, said the mapping tool will produce new opportunities for work between industry and government.


“This is yet another clear example of the great shared focus and investment in scientific innovation facilitated by our Space Bridge,” she said.

“Just as space exploration carves a celestial path through the heavens, this new mapping tool will allow us to chart exciting new opportunities for collaboration between government and industry.”

More than 240 Australian organisations have already been catalogued in the system by Satellite Applications Catapult in the initial pilot period.

Satellite Applications Catapult international engagement director, Stuart Naylor, said the project begins the process of providing a quantitative evidence base for decision making to enable growth.

“We envisage this tool enabling stakeholders across the UK and Australia to see where there are opportunities for collaboration and to strengthen ties between our respective space industries, governments, and end users by identifying growth areas,” he said.

“Innovation and collaboration across nations are a vital part of future economic growth and a key element of our work at the Satellite Applications Catapult.”

The tool is enabled by the Space Bridge, an alliance between the UK and Australia that identifies opportunities for collaboration and growth.  

SmartSat CRC chief executive officer Andy Koronios said the company is committed to working with Satellite Applications Catapult to help develop the new capability.

“It symbolises our strong commitment in delivering next-generation technologies and innovative projects that will contribute to and support the goal of both Australia and the UK in accelerating our space industries,” he said.

“This also embarks an exciting chapter for both nations in uncovering new, major growth opportunities for several key sectors including the supply chain, driving broader economic gains, as well as boosting our alliances that will be valuable in achieving our long-term objectives.” 

The project was supported by the UK Space Agency, with matched funding for Supply Chain Tagging from the Satellite Applications Catapult and SmartSat CRC.

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