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DEWC Systems signs contract with Southern Launch

Stephen Kuper
DEWC Systems signs contract with Southern Launch

Adelaide-based based DEWC Systems has signed a launch service provider contract with Southern Launch to be the first company to launch a payload aboard a suborbital rocket at the recently announced Koonibba Test Range.

Flown aboard a T-Minus Engineering Dart rocket, the DEWC Space Payload 1 will travel up to 100 kilometres in altitude before being ejected from the launch container and beginning its descent to Earth.

During its descent, the payload will demonstrate DEWC Systems’ ability to detect, identify and locate radar emissions through various altitudes and environments using miniaturised sensors.

The Royal Australian Air Force’s Plan Jericho has sponsored the development of the radio frequency receiver prototype payload to explore the utility of affordable, rapid launch capabilities for Defence situational awareness.


DEWC Systems chief executive Ian Spencer said, "This mission is an exciting collaboration between Australian space industry players and demonstrates that Australian space industry has evolved and is ready to make its mark in the NewSpace era."

The payload itself is 27 centimetres long and three centimetres in diameter, and carries a suite of miniaturised sensors, antennas and communications equipment that will allow real-time tracking from the DEWC ground station.

Working with Southern Launch and using the Koonibba Test Range will accelerate the development of our MOESS satellite constellation.

"The launch of the DEWC Systems payload at the Koonibba Test Range, supported by the First Nations people at Koonibba, marks the start of Australia entering the NewSpace race and a future where all Australians can truly reach for the stars," said Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp.


DEWC Systems is a wholly Australian owned and operated electronic warfare systems company based at Technology Park in Mawson Lakes. DEWC Systems develops novel, state-of-the-art solutions to help the Australian Defence Force combat sophisticated challenges on land, air, sea and space.

Developed by Southern Launch in conjunction with the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation, the Koonibba Test Range extends for 145 kilometres from the township of Koonibba and covers an area of 10,000 uninhabited square kilometres.

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