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MOU to support Australian development of satellite IoT capability

Stephen Kuper
MOU to support Australian development of satellite IoT capability

The Australian Space Agency has signed a statement of strategic intent and co-operation with Australian space start-up Myriota, to enhance the capabilities of Australia’s space industry.

Myriota, global leader in nanosatellite internet of things (IoT) connectivity, and the Australian Space Agency have signed a statement of strategic intent aimed at expanding Australia’s growing space industry.

In a world-first, Myriota is the first Australian start-up to sign such an statement; joining international powerhouse Boeing, as well as other significant space companies, who penned their own statement of strategic intent with the Australian Space Agency in April.

With a specialisation in telecommunications, knowledge and experience in R&D, IP creation and satellite operations, Myriota is a growing player in Australia’s space industry; developing products for global and local applications, while contributing to the growth of Australia’s space sector in the area of satellite communications.


Deputy head of the Australian Space Agency, Anthony Murfett, welcomed the statement and its contribution to the transformation of Australia’s space sector.

"This statement embodies the transformation we are witnessing in the space industry both here in Australia and around the world – it demonstrates that businesses of all sizes can make a significant contribution to Australia’s space industry," Murfett said.

"The Australian Space Agency goal is to triple the size of the Australian space sector from $3.9 billion to $12 billion, and create 20,000 new jobs by 2030. This statement highlights how companies are contributing to the growth of the sector and how space technologies can help other areas of the economy. Myriota is a global leader in nanosatellite internet of things connectivity, and their use of nanosatellite technology is used to solve issues affecting everyday Australians, including water and agricultural management in regional Australia."

Myriota is an Australian company specialising in the provision of IoT data connectivity via low-Earth orbit satellite, which aims to enable Australian and global industries to obtain the sensor and location data they need to digitally transform their businesses.

"The establishment of the Australian Space Agency comes at a time when nanosatellites and IoT are helping to solve major issues that have long plagued Australian businesses, such as manual water monitoring in regional Australia," Dr Alex Grant, CEO and co-founder of Myriota, said.


"We’ve outlined our growth plan,s which include adding 25 satellites to our constellation and expanding our team to 50 people by 2022 in order to support the delivery of these solutions."

The statement outlines a number of plans that the Adelaide business has for growth, including:

  • Expanding its current constellation to 25 satellites by 2022;
  • Hosting 10 internships per year across the business to encourage interest in STEM, with a particular focus on growing female involvement in technology companies;
  • Growing the number of employees from 25 to over 50 by 2022; and
  • Delivering sensor connectivity for lunar and planetary exploration missions. 

"We’re passionate about fostering a diverse STEM workforce. Our strategy has a particular focus on developing initiatives that profile the achievements of female tech leaders, while investing in women in STEM programs to creating a thriving female workforce," Dr Grant continued.

Australia’s plan for the civil space sector is outlined in Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028. The Australian Space Agency is responsible for whole-of-government co-ordination of civil space matters. It is the primary source of advice to the government on civil space policy. This involves:

  • Providing national policy and strategic advice on the civil space sector;
  • Co-ordinating Australia’s domestic civil space sector activities;
  • Supporting the growth of Australia’s space industry and the use of space across the broader economy;
  • Leading international civil space engagement;
  • Administering space activities legislation and delivering on international obligations; and
  • Inspiring the Australian community and the next generation of space entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2015 to commercialise technology generated at the University of South Australia, Myriota has developed an ultra-low-cost satellite IoT service. Its cutting-edge technology makes IoT possible for a wide range of remote industries including agriculture, asset tracking, utilities and defence. Current deployments include asset tracking and monitoring, agricultural water monitoring, environmental monitoring and more.

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