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The ANGELS are coming

Louis Dillon
The ANGELS are coming

The Australian Navigational Guide Explaining Laws for Space (ANGELS) initiative, which will provide guidance for Australia’s burgeoning space industry, aims to launch in August.

The ANGELS are coming
The ANGELS are coming

The initiative won a $100,000 grant in 2018 from the Law Foundation of South Australia for the project, which is to develop a web-based resource for "Australian space entrepreneurs to ‘navigate’ the legal and regulatory framework applicable to their space activities", wherever they are throughout the globe.

The web resource aims to cover the following topics:

  • Comparative space licensing regimes in Australia, US, UK, NZ, France, China and India;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • Government procurement law, including grants;
  • Export control laws;
  • Liability and insurance;
  • Aviation law;
  • Regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum;
  • Law applicable to specific space applications;
  • Launch;
  • Hybrid aerospace vehicles;
  • Space situational awareness;
  • SATCOM, including space-enabled internet-connected devices;
  • Space-based position, navigation and timing; and
  • Remote sensing.

Six undergraduate law students at Adelaide Law School have been selected to develop content for the web resource, and are underway with this task in semester one of their studies.

The six selected students will also be conducting a research tour in May to six cities to speak with entrepreneurs that have signed up to "understand their needs", and will also be giving presentations at innovation hubs in each of those cities.

Space Connect can also confirm that a tender process has been run with website developers for a "website design and development company to create something special, visually-appealing and practical for entrepreneurs".

ANGELS is aiming for a go-live date in August, ahead of the commencement of the new Space Activities (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 and subordinate rules.

A board of experts from Adelaide Law School and International Aerospace Law and Policy Group (IALPG) will oversee the ANGELS project, which will be managed by Duncan Blake, a PhD candidate at the Adelaide Law School and special counsel on space law with IALPG.

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