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Inmarsat introduces dedicated Arctic satellites

Louis Dillon
Inmarsat introduces dedicated Arctic satellites

Inmarsat has announced that it will deliver the world’s first and only high-speed broadband capacity for mobility segments in the Arctic region, with the introduction of two new dedicated satellite payloads to the area.

The new Global Xpress (GX) payloads will work to support rapidly growing demand among both commercial and government users for “seamless, reliable, high-speed mobile broadband services in the Arctic and throughout the world”.

The payloads are being introduced in a partnership with Space Norway and its subsidiary Space Norway HEOSAT, with a focus on providing continuous, assured communications to tactical and strategic government users operating in the Arctic region, including customers from the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and other Arctic regions.

“I would like to thank Space Norway for providing this opportunity to deliver dedicated GX capacity in the Arctic region. Norway has been a strong, strategic partner for Inmarsat over many years. It is the home to one of our most advanced research and development centres, located at the Norwegian Maritime Competence Center based in Ålesund, which is part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology campus. Today’s announcement with Space Norway is a further example of the strength of this relationship,” Inmarsat chief executive Rupert Pearce said.

“Connectivity in the Arctic region is growing in importance as aircraft fly more northerly routes, merchant ships transit new high-value waterways and the region becomes of increasing geopolitical importance for diverse governments.

Inmarsat’s GX network will always seek to be ahead of where our customers are going and what they demand from us. This enhancement is fully backward compatible and will strengthen coverage over the Arctic to provide the connectivity needed by our customers now and into the future. As part of the existing Inmarsat GX network, customers will now have seamless, high-quality mobile broadband services as they travel in and out of the Arctic region.

“I am delighted to say that Inmarsat will be the only provider of the mobile broadband connectivity our customers need in the Arctic region.”

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