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SITAEL launches Adelaide satellite design office

Stephen Kuper
SITAEL launches Adelaide satellite design office

SITAEL has launched a specialist new satellite design office in Adelaide and signed a co-operation agreement with Inovor Technologies for the Buccaneer satellite.

A promising and exciting year has begun for SITAEL Australia, with today’s opening of its new satellite design office at Lot Fourteen innovation neighbourhood in Adelaide, continuing the company’s expansion in South Australia.

SITAEL, the largest privately-owned Italian space company, indicated the new office will help expand its Australian capability to design, build and manufacture 50-300 kilogram class satellites locally. 

Managing director of the SITAEL space division Pierluigi Pirrelli welcomed the milestone: "By expanding our Australian footprint, we can better deliver our space technology solutions to Australian and regional customers. With such rapid growth and development in the Australian space sector, we are very pleased to be expanding our presence in South Australia."


Mark Ramsey, general manager of SITAEL Australia, added, "The proximity to other space organisations such as the Australian Space Agency, SmartSat CRC, Inovor Technologies, Myriota and Neumann Space sealed the decision to locate in Lot Fourteen, and we are excited about expanding the company in such an environment."

Following the announcement on 29 November 2019 of Inovor Technologies winning the $2.5 million Defence contract for the Buccaneer satellite bus, SITAEL Australia has also today signed a contract with Inovor Technologies to formally support the project.

Chief executive of Inovor Technologies Matt Tetlow added, "After signing a Letter of Intent at IAC in 2017, Inovor Technologies and SITAEL have looked for co-operative opportunities to work together. Today we see the fruits of that co-operation, and we are very pleased to be working with SITAEL Australia on this project."

In addition to providing turnkey solutions for clients wanting missions flown in space, Inovor is also developing a small satellite based space situational awareness (SSA) mission called Hyperion to enhance Australia’s Space Traffic Management capability.


Further missions in Earth imaging and remote sensing are also under development. Inovor is located at the centre of Australia’s growing space hub in Lot Fourteen, and all of its hardware and technology is manufactured in Australia.

SITAEL is a leader in the development of next-generation small satellites and satellite electric propulsion technologies and is headquartered in Italy.

SITAEL Australia is the first company in Australia with the ability to design and manufacture satellites of up to 300 kilograms for local and regional customers. SITAEL Australia’s capabilities include design, build and test of small satellites for a broad range of missions including research and development, communications, and Earth observation. 

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