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Strategic partnership for Kythera and Clearbox

Stephen Kuper
Strategic partnership for Kythera and Clearbox

Clearbox Systems, prime contractor for the ADF’s SATCOM ground control element, and Kythera Space Solutions, a provider of dynamic management systems for next-generation satellites and networks, have entered into a strategic partnership to offer a joint space and ground control solution that supports ADF’s SATCOM vision and roadmap.

The future SATCOM operational environment is demanding, congested and contested. To meet the challenge, ADF requires SATCOM solutions that provide dynamic, responsive, resilient communications that are highly flexible, agile, interoperable and supportable.

The Clearbox-Kythera solution leverages Clearbox’s full complement of ground control systems that support ADF today, coupled with Kythera’s advanced Dynamic Satellite Network Operating System to enable autonomous satellite operations that dynamically delivers optimised communications service with unprecedented levels of flexibility, agility and resiliency.

The Clearbox-Kythera solution promises to usher in a new era of assured mission supportability for ADF, with the ability to exploit the latest flexible, processor-enabled, high throughput satellites (HTS), as well as legacy in-orbit assets to provide the highest quality communications service and minute-by-minute adaptability to changes in operational needs, environmental conditions and threats.


Jeremy Hallett, executive director at Clearbox Systems, said, "The ADF’s next generation SATCOM systems are increasingly complex, and ADF is rightly demanding solutions that provide flexibility and agility as well as resilience and redundancy.

"Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System enables us to meet these challenges head-on, providing ADF with unprecedented levels of dynamic, predictive and responsive satellite service."

Dr Jeffrey Freedman, CEO of Kythera, expanded on this, saying, "The ADF talks about needing to be able to build a next-generation SATCOM service capable of responding to mission changes and adverse changes in capability within minutes.

"This is exactly what Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System is designed to do. With Clearbox, we are able to orchestrate space network assets and ground network components in real-time for optimised mission performance under the most demanding circumstances."


Clearbox Systems is a technology company focused on developing new approaches and techniques for the operation and management of communications networks and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Developed in Australia and leveraging the best of the nation's local and international partners, Clearbox Systems’ innovative software and hardware solutions are deployed spanning satellite communications, television and radio broadcast, air traffic control, terrestrial networks and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

Kythera Space Solutions is a leading provider of dynamic management systems for next generation satellite payloads and networks. Sophisticated communication satellites with channelisation and beam forming capabilities promise satellite operators and their customers extraordinary flexibility, but at the risk of newfound complexity.

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