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Space Force releases new service objectives

Space Force releases new service objectives

The United States Space Force has released its “Vision for a Digital Service” to support the progress of the service.

The United States Space Force had issued a new set of guidelines following from the Chief of Space Operations’ November 2020 objective of establishing a technologically advanced and ambitious military service.

The newly released document titled “Vision for a Digital Service” establishes three key concepts for Space Force to achieve its objective, supported by four focuses. Space Force must dominate and innovate in each of these areas to ensure that its stated objective is achieved.

To achieve the commander’s intent, Space Force has identified three core tenets for the service:

  1. Interconnected: that Space Force must effectively and efficiently relay information across the breadth of the mission.
  2. Innovative: that Space Force is prepared to regularly rise to the task of beating their adversaries with the adaptation of new equipment and technology.
  3. Digitally dominant: the creation of a smart, adaptive, and technologically astute workforce.

The four key focus areas to achieve these tenets and ensure that Space Force is a technologically advanced warfighting service are: digital engineering, digital workforce, digital headquarters and digital operations.

  1. Digital engineering: the creation of a Digital Engineering Ecosystem that facilitates the innovation of new technological concepts.
  2. Digital workforce: that Space Force will attract innovative and creative thinkers to foster a community of progress.
  3. Digital headquarters: remove unnecessary barriers in the service, whether bureaucratic or geographic, and prioritising “data-driven decision making”.
  4. Digital operations: that Space Force will use all available technological systems to achieve their operational objectives.

Last year, the Chief of Space Operations General John Raymond released a “planning guidance” document to inform the future actions of Space Force.

“We are forging a warfighting Service that is always above. Our purpose is to promote security, assure allies and partners, and deter aggressors by demonstrating the capability to deny their objectives and impose costs upon them. We will ensure American leadership in an ongoing revolution of operations in space, and we will be leaders within government to achieve greater speed in decision-making and action. We will partner with and lead others to further responsible actions in, and use of, space to promote security and enhance prosperity. Should an aggressor threaten our interests, America’s space professionals stand ready to fight and win,” he began the document.

“Data and information, along with the skills and tools to put them to use, and drive to innovate will guide and accelerate our decision-making and permeate all the key activities of the Space Force. Harnessing the best that technology has to offer and applying it in ways that can outpace the advances of our adversaries require us to change our capability development processes.”


The “Vision for a Digital Service” is expected to be supported by an upcoming “Transformational Roadmap”.

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Liam Garman

Liam Garman

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